Repeat DUI Offender Gets 3rd DUI In 2 Months

Repeat DUI Offender Gets 3rd DUI In 2 Months

jimmy curleyRepeat DUI offender Jimmy Curley of Flagstaff, Arizona has been arrested for his 3rd DUI in just two months after being involved in a crash on June 4, 2013. The incident occurred on Tuesday when an off-duty officer in Flagstaff spotted Curley striking 3 vehicles in Doney Park. According to the Sheriff’s Department, the off-duty police officer followed the repeat DUI offender to his home near Stardust Trail after witnessing the crash.

Deputies suspected Curley of alcohol intoxication and arrested him for suspicion of DUI. Police then took Curley to a detention facility for DUI tests, however, it is still unclear what Curley’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level was at the time of his arrest. After his arrest, Deputies found that Curley was a repeat DUI offender with two DUI arrests made since April 30, 2013. Police say that Curley had his driver’s license suspended as a result of his prior DUI cases, both of which are still being pending. Following the incident, Jimmy Curley is now facing charges for endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated DUI.

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