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After a DUI in Kentucky, there are two things that you need to consider:

Kentucky DUITake your drunk driving charge very seriously.
A conviction for a DUI in Kentucky will have long lasting consequences. A criminal record can affect your employment, your future and your personal freedom.

Hire an experienced Kentucky DUI Attorney or DUI Lawyer who is experienced in the Kentucky DUI laws.
Understanding Kentucky DUI laws and courtroom proceedings can be a challenge. Hiring a qualified Kentucky DUI attorney or lawyer from who’s practice concentrates on drunk driving defense can make a difference in the outcome of your DUI charge. Again, for a Kentucky DUI lawyer or attorney, call 1-800-852-8005 or simply click the county above to find the right Kentucky DUI attorney that really knows drunk driving defense and the Kentucky DUI law.

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What Happens To First Time Offenders in Kentucky?

You Are DUI When:

When your blood alcohol content (BAC) is.08 or higher, you are DUI in Kentucky. The test must be given within 2 hours of operation of motor vehicle for results to be admitted into evidence in DUI prosecutions. Operators can be convicted at levels lower than .08 based on other evidence which indicates impairment.

Five Possible DUI Charges in Kentucky:

You can be charged in Kentucky with five different DUI violations:

  1. Operating a vehicle or in physical control of a motor vehicle under
    the influence of alcohol.
  2. Operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration
    (.08 BAC or above).
  3. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any other
    substance which impairs driving ability.
  4. Operating while under the influence of a combination of alcohol and
    any substance which impairs driving ability.
  5. Operating a motor vehicle under age 21 with a prohibited alcohol

Kentucky DUI laws include operating or being physical control of a motor vehicle in any of these five categories “anywhere” in the state,
including private property.

DUI Penalties (First Offense Within a Five Year Period)

  • $200 – 500 Fine
  • 2 to 30 Days in Jail
  • 90 Day Alcohol or Substance Abuse Program
  • 30 to 120 Day License Suspension
  • Possible 48 Hours – 30 Days Community Labor
  • If aggravating circumstances present-4 days imprisonment

Aggravating Circumstances:

These aggravating circumstances result in higher minimum jail time:

  1. Over 30 mph over speed limit
  2. Wrong way on limited access highway
  3. Causes accident resulting in death or serious physical injury
  4. Alcohol level of .18 or more within 2 hours after operating
  5. Refusal to submit to testing
  6. Transporting passengers under 12 years of age

The DUI law in Kentucky establishes minimum jail times (4 days), which cannot be probated, suspended, conditionally discharged or otherwise subject to early release, if convicted of DUI when any of the above aggravating circumstances exist.

Under 21:
Drivers under the age of 21 are deemed to be under the influence at .02 breath or blood alcohol level.

Commercial Vehicle Drivers
Commercial vehicle drivers operating commercial vehicles are deemed to be under the influence at a breath or blood alcohol level of .04. Commercial vehicle operators may also be placed out of service for 24 hours for any detectable amount of alcohol or controlled substance in their system.

License Suspension for Refusal to Take Alcohol or Subsequent Tests

1st Offense 30 to 120 Days.

DUI Alcohol Programs

The Division of Substance Abuse regulates a statewide network of 100+ Driving Under the Influence (DUI) programs licensed and certified to provide alcohol and other drug assessments, education and treatment services to persons convicted of DUI.

The programs provide an assessment of your alcohol or other substance abuse problems at the start of the program.

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