Nurse Goes To Jail For DUI

Nurse Goes To Jail For DUI

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Mindy Lynn Wiltshire, a nurse from Orlando Regional Medical Center, was imprisoned for a DUI. In addition to that, she also received charges for child negligence and bribery.

According to a legal report, Wiltshire was driving recklessly on State Road 50 and Bluford Avenue Wednesday around 10:13 p.m. Legal officers stopped Wiltshire, 34 years old, and noticed that she had a child riding in the front seat of the vehicle. It was said that “Wiltshire reeked of alcohol, could hardly stand and refused to do any field sobriety tests.” She was immediately arrested and taken to a DUI testing center then Orange County Jail.

As officers arrested her, she exclaimed, “Who would do this to a nurse? I am a nurse at ORMC and I hope that you don’t ever need my medical treatment there.”  It was then that she tried to bribe one of the legal officers, stating, “Officer, I have a lot of cash at home, if you let me go now I’ll give you all that money!” She received legal charges for DUI, child negligence, and bribery of a public servant. No further information was released and the medical center has not made any comments on the situation.

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