Happy Gilmore Actor Gets DWI

Happy Gilmore Actor Gets DWI


NBC News reported that one of the actors from the film “Happy Gilmore”, Christopher McDonald, received a DWI and was arrested this morning in Wilmington, North Carolina. The news story states that McDonald was taken to prison for a DWI by the North Carolina Highway Patrol officers near Third Street. He was administered a field sobriety test, which showed that he had a blood alcohol content level of 0.15.

According to sources, he was in the city to film a golf movie called “The Squeeze.” Several people spotted him at the airport a couple of hours before his arrest and stated that he was “super nice to everyone while taking pictures with a few fans at baggage claim.” Others stated that he was also seen at a bar in Wrightsville, Beach, N.C, where he also took pictures with his fans. Unfortunately, McDonald received a DWI and was arrested. He was released from jail during the morning with a bail bond of $1,000 and will be summoned for a court hearing on December 11.

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