Drunk Driver Gets 18-Year Prison Sentence

Drunk Driver Gets 18-Year Prison Sentence

KOMO news reported that a Seattle drunk driver , Mark Mullan, received an 18-year prison sentence for killing two grandparents and badly hurting a mother and her newborn son, while DUI. Mullan, who is a repeat drunk driver, slammed his vehicle into the Seattle family earlier this year. On Thursday, he finally pleaded guilty to the charges.

It was noted that Mullan had five drunk driving arrests on his legal record prior to the time of the accident. In addition,  he was also on probation from a recent case, his license was suspended, and he was supposed to have installed an ignition interlock device in his truck.  Despite all of this, he was still driving drunk and evidence proved he had a blood alcohol content almost three times the legal limit, managing to kill the two grandparents and severely injuring the mother and her newborn.

Dan Schulte, the father of the newborn, stated, “While nothing can undo the damage to our family…we’re relieved he has decided to accept responsibility for his actions.” According to sources, Schulte sat down behind Mullan as he frowned, sobbed, and briefly pleaded ‘guilty’ five times to all the charges.” Schulte’s family also sued the city for failing to properly monitor Mullan.

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