Drunk Driver Gets Sentenced to 68 Years in Prison

Drunk Driver Gets Sentenced to 68 Years in Prison

The Pueblo Chieftain reported that a drunk driver in Pueblo, Colorado, Gilbert O. Sanchez, was sentenced today to 68 years in prison for killing three teens and injuring another two in a drunk driving accident that occurred in April 2012. Sanchez, 37 years old, killed Anisa Montoya, 18; Serina Sena, 14; and Selena Mascarenas, 14. He received 12 years for each death. In addition, he received 16 years for the child abuse of Jade Dorrance, 15, and Jordyn Carillo, 14. Both Dorrance and Carillo received serious bodily injuries and were thrown out from his truck bed in the drunk driving accident. It was noted that the court hearing, which lasted about three hours, caused a lot of pain to the families of the five girls. Sanchez wept through much of the hearing and said he had consumed four or five whiskey and colas the evening before the accident. In addition, Sanchez claimed not to have any recollection of the event that occurred during the time of the incident. He stated that he felt “buzzed” but tests determined that his blood alcohol level was between two and three times the legal limit. Sanchez tried to apologize to the families by saying, “I feel like the worst person on earth and I’m not…I’m sorry.”

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