Drunk Driver Crashes Into Cow and Gets DWI

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Cow and Gets DWI

An article was released by Buffalo News, stating that a drunk driver from Wyoming County received a DWI charge after his vehicle struck a cow carcass. The drunk driver, Eric D. Lewandowski, was driving on Centerline Road in Orangeville, New York when he crashed into the dead body of a cow. Apparently, the cow had been killed earlier by another driver and left dead on the road.  It was determined that after his vehicle hit the carcass, Lewandowski lost control with the vehicle leaving the highway and rolling over at least twice. 

Lewandowski, who is only 18 years old, was taken to the Wyoming County Community Hospital. In addition, two other male passengers were also taken to the hospital for medical attention. The story reported that all three of them were treated and released. The drunk driver, Lewandowski, received a DWI. However, legal and medical personnel are still waiting for the results of his blood sample to arrive in order to use as evidence.

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