Councilman’s Son, Marion Christopher Barry, Gets DWI

Councilman’s Son, Marion Christopher Barry, Gets DWI

WJLA reported that Marion Christopher Barry, son of current D.C. Councilman Marion Barry, was found guilty of DWI this Wednesday. Barry, 33 years old,  received legal charges not only for DWI but also for possession of marijuana. According to the news story, Barry was arrested on August 16 after legal officers caught him driving near the Hampton Coliseum in southern Virginia under the influence of drugs. 

Barry was supposed to spend 30 days in jail for each of the charges. However, that settlement was broken and instead he will spend two years on unsupervised probation. His driver’s license will be suspended for one year, and he will also have to spend a couple of hundred dollars on legal fees. It was noted that this was not the first time Barry has faced the law for possession of drugs. Earlier in 2011, he was handed a 9-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to possessing PCP and marijuana.

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