Chicago Bus Driver Gets DUI

Chicago Bus Driver Gets DUI

Jill Beebe, a 40 year old school bus driver, received a DUI this past weekend in Chicago. It was determined that Beebe’s DUI was classified as a 4 felony. According to NBC Chicago, she was accused of driving drunk Friday along her West Chicago route.  A source from Chicago’s DuPage County State’s Attorney Office stated that on Friday morning, Beebe began her usual job routine by picking up children and dropping them off. However, one of the employees at Pioneer Elementary School detected alcohol on Beebe’s breath and reported it to the school principal.  It was then that police officers were alerted and stopped Beebe at her next bus stop to give her field sobriety tests. After failing the tests, Beebe was arrested.

It was stated that upon finding out about the incident, parents and locals within the community were really upset. One of the parents, Jose Hugado, said, “You’ve got kids in the car, you’ve got to be responsible for that.” Another parent, Walter Jaskula, stated, “I think they should go to jail…not just a slap on the hand.” No other comments were made regarding Beebe’s legal situation, except that she was being held on a $100,000 bond.

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