Amanda Bynes DUI Hearing Pushed Back

Amanda Bynes DUI Hearing Pushed Back

amanda bynesActress Amanda Bynes had her DUI hearing pushed back to July 18, 2013 following her misdemeanor DUI arrest in April of 2012. Bynes did not appear in court on Wednesday for the hearing, where she could have entered a plea. Bynes was arrested on April 6, 2012 around three in the morning after she struck a sheriff’s cruiser with her vehicle. During the arrest, she refused to submit a breathalyzer test and blood alcohol test. Shortly after being arrested for the DUI, Bynes took to her twitter account and asked President Obama to fire the sheriff that arrested her.

Since her April 2012 arrest, Amanda Bynes has continued her often bizarre, erratic behavior with more charges being brought against her in the months since. Following her DUI arrest, Bynes was charged with two separate hit-and-run accidents that were dismissed after she reached civil settlements with those involved. In the last month, the troubled actress has been charged with marijuana possession and evidence tampering after police say she threw a bong out of her New York apartment window. Bynes has denied almost every charge brought against her in the last year, blaming each incident on those arresting her. An attorney working for Amanda Bynes recently commented on her most recent charges, saying that his client is “fine” and that the NYPD do not have a case against her.

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