California DUI Laws Require Proof of Insurance SR-22 Form

California requires the proof of insurance form SR-22 resulting from a DUI. The requirement to show proof of insurance comes in the form SR-22. This is a Department of Motor Vehicle form (similar to SR-1). The only difference is the SR-1 is required when you have an accident or are ticketed for not having proof of insurance, the SR-22 is for DUI!

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So, it is ‘known’ by the person you are asking, that the SR-22 is in most cases for a DUI. The Department of Motor Vehicles will not accept any other form (policy, identification card, etc.) as a substitute for the SR-22.

An SR-22 is required by all those persons arrested (or convicted – you don’t have to be convicted to get a restricted license) for a DUI in California and who are in a program and who want to get a restricted license.

To get a restricted license after being arrested for a DUI you have to do 3 things.

1. Pay a re-issue fee of $125.00
2. Show proof of financial responsibility (SR-22)
3. Show proof of enrollment in approved DUI program.

Other situations where you will need to show an SR-22 to the DMV to have your license returned:

1. Those convicted in the court of a DUI in California and sent to a DUI school. If the four months is not up by the time the DMV receives notice from the court of your conviction, then the requirement to show an SR-22 goes into effect.

2. Those who had their licenses restricted by the court of a California DUI or “Wet Reckless”.

Proof of insurance must be maintained for a period of three years (from the date the original 4 month suspension would have been up). Proof of insurance WILL stay active (and you need not re-submit an SR-22) if you do not cancel the policy or get dropped during the 3 year period. The insurance policy that the SR-22 is filed under must remain in effect. If for any reason your policy is no longer in effect the insurance carrier is REQUIRED to notify the DMV. The DMV will then notify you that by a certain date you will have to file another SR-22 with them or your license will be suspended.

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  1. jurgen.mamea says

    Wut happened if I have 2nd dui,did I still use the sr 22 to get my license back?