Todd Helton, Rockies Baseball Player, Apologizes for DUI

Todd Helton, Rockies Baseball Player, Apologizes for DUI

Huffington Post reported that Todd Helton, MLB Colorado Rockies player, fought tears as he apologized Sunday and asked for forgiveness at the start of spring training for his recent DUI charge and arrest. He sincerely apologized to his community, family, and team. Helton said, “Last week I got behind the wheel of my truck after I had drank. All I can do now is apologize and ask for forgiveness. I spoke to my teammates today and they were very supportive.” In addition, he also expressed gratitude to his family, wife, and teammates for their support. Helton did not make any comments on the type of treatment that he will be receiving.

Helton’s manager, Walt Weiss, stated his support for Helton and commented, “…Todd’s built up a lot of goodwill and respect with this club and in the community.” Towards the end of a practice, Helton signed autographs from fans and claimed that he understands its going to take work to repair his image with his fans. Helton has been a reputable baseball player with a record of being a five-time All-Star, three-time Gold Glove winner and the franchise leader in almost every major offensive category who won the 2000 NL batting title. He is anxious and ready to come back and play.

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  1. Jane palm says

    Todd Helton as a famous sports figure has tarnished the image of a perfect athlete to many. He has to prove to us all he thinks drinking and driving does kill. He said 1 dui was 1 too many. Does that also apply to his business as a car dealorship owner? He should not allow any one to work for him that has a DUI on their record. If he allows that then he shows that DUI behavior is ok and he was not serious about how horrible and dangerous it is because he allows people with a DUI work for him 1 is too many for him and everyone around him..