Singer Jessica Simpson’s Father, Joe Simpson, Arrested for DUI

Joe Simpson
Joe Simpson Arrested for DUI

On August 4th, Joe Simpson, father of successful singer Jessica Simpson was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). While it is still unclear if Joe was pulled over on a routine traffic stop or if he was exhibiting reckless driving, officers believed he was intoxicated and arrested him at the scene. He spent the night in jail and was released the following morning around 9:40 a.m. on $5,000 bail.

The incident occurred  at Ventura Blvd. and Columbus Ave. at around 10 pm. Since this is his first offense, it is not likely that he will be sentenced to jail although his case has not yet been sent to the prosecutor’s office. In addition to having worked as a TV producer and talent manager, Joe was is also a former Baptist minister and psychologist. His daughter Jessica apparently tweeted later that night, “Responsibility has drastically changed my life. Saturday night drink of choice…. WATER! :)”.

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