Repeat DUI Offender In Delaware Arrested For 6th DUI

Repeat DUI Offender In Delaware Arrested For 6th DUI

jeffrey barnesA repeat DUI offender in Bear, Delaware, was arrested for his sixth DUI on January 18, 2012. The incident occurred in Rehoboth Beach after police spotted a vehicle making an illegal U-turn at around 1:15 am. The driver, Jeffrey W. Barnes, was traveling northbound on Route 1 and made an illegal U-turn into the southbound lanes before crossing over a concrete median and then back again.

A police officer began following Barnes and pulled him over in a Walmart parking lot. According to police, Barnes tried to run after being pulled over but was chased down and eventually caught. After police ran a background check on Barnes, they found that he was a repeat DUI offender with 5 prior DUI arrests since 1996. Barnes was arrested and taken to the Troop 7 barracks where he was charged with a felony DUI in addition to other traffic offenses with bail set at $9,400.

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