Police With a DWI of Their Own

Brielle, New Jersey – Patrick Flynn, 35, a former Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey police officer admitted driving drunk and creating a five-car pile-up that sent ten people to the hospital. Flynn and four others received serious injuries. There was no evidence that Flynn had tried to brake before plowing into vehicles stopped for a bridge opening at a speed in excess of 75 miles per hour.

Nassau County, New York – Vincent Muscarnera, 57, a high ranking officer with the Nassau County Police Department, in New York recently returned to duty after a 30 day suspension for a DWI arrest. Muscarnera wrecked a police car after leaving a colleague’s retirement party and his blood alcohol content was two and a half times the legal limit. The 30-day suspension was the longest allowed by New York State law for a police official.

Centerville, South Dakota – Centerville, South Dakota Police Chief Nolan Clark, 26, was arrested for DWI at a sobriety checkpoint. Clark was also charged for having a loaded gun while intoxicated. He is still on duty though he is taking sick leave for the moment.

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth police officer Amy Rodriguez, 31, was stopped and arrested for DWI in Keller, Texas after speeding. She was interviewed and released but an DWI arrest warrant was issued a few days later and she surrendered to authorities. Rodriguez has been on restrictive duty pending the outcome of the case.

St. Paul, Minnesota – Michael Conroy, 33, a St. Paul, Minnesota police officer was arrested for drunk driving and refusing to take a breath test. Conroy was stopped for speeding on his motorcycle and the arresting officer said he was "somewhat cooperative". Conroy remains on duty pending an internal disciplinary investigation.

Egg Harbor City, New Jersey – Sgt. Richard Arose of the Little Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey police plead guilty to drunk driving charges, ending his municipal court trial. His blood alcohol content was .017 or more than twice the legal limit. His DWI defense attorney argued the test is not precise.

Nishkayuna, New York – Robert Werner, 40, a veteran police officer with the Niskayuna Police Department in New York was suspended for 30 days without pay after being arrested for DWI by New York State Police. Werner was off duty when he wrecked his car in a ditch. His BAC registered .20.
Sherburn-Welcome, Minnesota – Police Chief Brad Hughes was charged with DWI after a complaint about his erratic driving. Hughes BAC was .25, more than three times the legal limit. He had two children, ages 2 and 5, in the back seat at the time of his DWI arrest. He has been placed on paid administrative lead.

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  1. Randy Quiring says

    There’s even more to the story in the Sherburn-Welcome case. Hughes was also wearing a loaded handgun at time of arrest, giving him 3 aggravating factors in the DWI. His DWI charge was plea-bargained down a notch, to 3rd-degree gross misd. so he would not have his firearms removed. Per statute he should have had all plates removed from every vehicle he owned, which also was never done. He was actually re-instated to his police chief duties for two towns. He was in addition appointed as city administrator in the larger town, essentially making him his own boss. I honestly don’t know what he does with all the money. Today he is in rehab, you guessed it, for alcohol abuse. All on the taxpayer’s dime. Does anyone really believe he hasn’t been driving drunk at all during the past 13 years?