Police Detective Suspected of Being Involved in a DUI Crash

Police Detective Suspected of Being Involved in a DUI Crash

ABC 10 News reported that on Friday, a San Diego Police Department gang detective “was driving an undercover police car when he got into the solo crash in the 7300 block of Princess View Drive.” The detective, whose name has been withheld, has been employed with the San Diego Police Department for about 11 years now. It was also stated that he was off-duty at the time of the accident.

Lt. Andra Brown, a public affairs speaker for the San Diego Police Department, commented that the gang detective “suffered injuries that required hospital care.” It was determined that California traffic investigators have sent their investigations to the San Diego City Attorney’s office in order to determine what type of DUI charge will be administered to the gang detective.  Brown also stated, “The police department is still conducting a personnel investigation, so we will not identify the detective or make any further comment at this time.” For the mean time, the detective was put to serve desk duty instead of patrolling.

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