Nick Fairley Of Detroit Lions Avoiding DUI Trial

Nick Fairley Of Detroit Lions Avoiding DUI Trial

Nick Fairley Of Detroit Lions Avoiding DUI Trial

Nick Fairley, a defensive tackle with the Detroit Lions is requesting a pre-trial diversion program that would help him to avoid facing charges for his May 27 DUI arrest. If Fairley is approved for the program, he could avoid the possibility of facing a $600 fine, a year of probation and possible jail time. On May 27, 2012, Nick Fairley was charged with DUI and attempting to elude police in Mobile, Alabama. Apparently, Fairly was driving at around 100 mph and did not initially pull over when the officer began to pursue him.

Pre-trial diversion programs are common for first time DUI offenders and Fairley’s attorney, Sid Harrell, officially submitted paperwork requesting his client be allowed to attend the anti-DUI course. However, Fairley could still face disciplinary action by the NFL with Commissioner Roger Goodell stating he still holds the right to suspend Fairley for his pattern of conduct off the field this past year. Fairley was also charged with possession of marijuana last November 27 in Mobile, Alabama. Nick Fairley remains upbeat and has continued to work hard, telling reporters “I’m just coming in every day, working hard and not really just thinking about it” and “I’m glad to be out there on the field“.

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