New DUI Law “Branding” DUI Offenders In North Dakota

After one family was killed on I-94 near Jamestown and 2 children were killed after a drunk driver ran over their tent, one man in Fargo, North Dakota has taken it upon himself to combat drunk driving with a radical new idea. Wayne Stautz, who is not at all affiliated with the local government in North Dakota, said he sat down one night and “thought of ideas on how to control this“.┬áHe did think of something and it’s getting a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

With the assistance of lawmakers, Wayne Stautz has suggested a law that if a person in the state receives a DUI, even for a first offense, they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase alcohol at any establishment that sells it. The law would require those convicted of DUI to have a unique mark or emblem placed on their driver’s license barring them from purchasing alcohol for a set period depending on the number and severity of DUI offenses. The success of the law would also hinge on establishments actually verifying ID’s for anyone buying alcohol whether they’re 21 or 91.

The law would require DUI offenders to carry the emblem on their license for one year or even 5 years for DUI cases involving crashes. Some people say that the law would be too harsh for first time offenders, and the law has received mixed reviews. But Wayne Stautz maintains, “If we can save more lives than it’s a good law”.

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