Lawn Mower DUI in Florida

Lawn Mower DUI in Florida
Lawn Mower DUI in Florida

James David GrayA man was arrested for driving a lawn mower while intoxicated on Tuesday August 7, 2012 in Marion County, Florida. The video released of James David Gray’s traffic stop reveals that he did not have a driver’s license because it was taken away in 1985 due to DUI. James Gray was driving his lawn mower on the left side of a road that had no traffic. The officer informs Mr. Gray that it was illegal to drive against traffic on a lawn mower, and James Gray revealed that he thought it was the side of the road he was supposed to be on. The officer decides to perform a Field Sobriety Test on Mr. Gray, and when Mr. Gray tells the officer that a previous brain surgery effects his equilibrium, the officer chastises Mr. Gray for drinking beer and driving a lawn mower when his equilibrium is affected. Mr. Gray explains that he only receives $459 a month (less than $15 a day) for disability, and he drives his lawn mower to do side jobs to supplement his income.

Mr. Gray said that he stopped at a convenience store to purchase beer because he was hot and depressed. He said he was depressed because he was struggling due to low income. Mr. Gray was arrested and charged with DUI. He returned the lawn mower to his sister, which he had been renting, and had just made his first payment of $127.

Mr. Gray has had four previous DUI convictions and was on felony probation that was scheduled to finish on July 8, 2013. Fourth and subsequent DUI convictions in Florida are subject to permanent license revocation, up to 5 years in Florida State Prison, and up to $5,000 in fines.

During the traffic stop Mr. Gray asked the officer for leniency because he was so close to home. He said, “Sir, would you please give me a break? I just live… not this street, the next street down there. Let me go home.”

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