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Your driving privileges are at risk of you have been arrested for DUI in Iowa. For immediate information about your license, contact Iowa DUI Lawyer, J. Dean Keegan.

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Cedar Rapids DUI Attorney, J. Dean Keegan
J. Dean Keegan, Attorney at Law
J. Dean Keegan
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The offense of drunk driving in Iowa is called Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). In other states it is often referred to as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), though the charge and the penalties are similar. Under Iowa OWI/DUI laws a motorist can be charged with drunk driving two ways; having a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, or if a law enforcement officer feels you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been charged with DUI, call the law office of J. Dean Keegan right away to schedule a free initial consultation with a Cedar Rapids DUI Lawyer.

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We Are Here to Help With Your Iowa DUI

Having professional legal counsel can help in the disposition of your case. Cedar Rapids DUI Lawyer Dean Keegan will guide you through the legal system and provide you with an aggressive defense. He has specific DUI defense experience and he knows the Iowa DUI laws and courts well. Dean Keegan will help with any driver's license sanctions. For nearly two decades, he has provided his clients with a complete defense strategy that gets results.

Free Iowa DUI Consultation

Linn County DUI Attorney Dean Keegan offers a free initial review of your case. He will listen to you, discuss your case and outline your legal options. Contact Dean Keegan by filling out the form or calling (319) 250-4444. There is no obligation and you have much to gain, so call now.

About Your Iowa Driver's License

Following an arrest for driving under the influence in Linn County, the Iowa Department of Transportation will seek to impose sanctions on your license. This is a separate process from the criminal case, and your license could be affected even if you are found not guilty of DUI. The action is initiated if you refused to submit to a breath or blood test or you took a test and had a BAC in excess of .08%. The DOT will look back 12 years to see there have been any prior suspensions or test refusals before initiating an administrative sanction.

Cedar Rapids DUI Attorney Dean Keegan understands how difficult the loss of a license can be when it comes to work, school and the family. He will fight the license sanctions for you and try to restore your driving privileges. Call now for immediate help.

Penalties for Iowa DUI

A first offense for operating while intoxicated in Iowa is considered a Serious Misdemeanor that could result in jail, fines and surcharges, substance abuse evaluation and mandatory enrollment in an alcohol education program. The degree of the penalties increases if you have any previous DUI arrests within a 12-year period, with the third or greater offense being classified as a Felony.

A conviction for Iowa DUI would mean having a criminal arrest record, which could impact your employment opportunities and your ability to travel to Canada. That country has been relying on increased data sharing with the U.S. to more strictly enforce its policy of denying entry to any one with a criminal record.

The long-term impact of being found guilty of DUI in Iowa makes it important to challenge the charges against you and try to keep your record clean. Protect your future by calling Cedar Rapids, Iowa DUI Lawyer Dean Keegan now.

Out-of-State Students & Visitors

Those charged with DUI who are not residents of Iowa are still subject to state laws, and they must resolve the case in Iowa. There are complex issues regarding the impact on your driver's license in your home state and scheduling court appearances which Linn County DUI Lawyer Dean Keegan can help answer. Call today for more information.

About the Law Firm of Dean Keegan

J. Dean Keegan is a criminal defense lawyer who focuses on drunk driving defense. As an experienced defense attorney and former probation officer who handled alcohol related cases, he understands all aspects of a DUI arrest. Dean Keegan will use his background to develop the most appropriate and thorough defense for your case.

Cedar Rapids DUI attorney Dean Keegan will challenge evidence, study the arrest report for errors in procedure, determine if any sobriety tests were improperly administered, question witnesses and review the breath test equipment maintenance records. The goal is to make the prosecution prove every point of its argument. If they cannot, there is a chance of getting your case reduced or dismissed.

About Cedar Rapids DUI Attorney Dean Keegan

Principal of the firm, J. Dean Keegan, is an Iowa native who served in the U.S. Navy and then attended the University of Iowa, where he received an undergraduate degree. He worked as a probation officer and Chemical Dependency Counselor, during which time he co-authored a theoretical model for the treatment for alcoholism that he presented at the Thirty-First International Institute on the Prevention and Treatment of Alcoholism in Rome, Italy. Dean Keegan returned to school and earned his juris doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa DUI Attorney Dean Keegan is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the American Association for Justice and the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association. He has been appointed to multiple Board positions with the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association. Attorney Keegan both lectures and attends DUI related classes and seminars.

Dean Keegan enjoys a reputation for being extremely knowledgeable on Iowa OWI/DUI issues and for zealously representing his clients.

Call Now For a Free DUI Case Review

Linn County DUI Lawyer Dean Keegan offers a free case evaluation that can be scheduled at your convenience. He will help you understand the charges filed against you and outline legal options. For immediate help, call (319) 250-4444 or fill out the consultation request form.

Arrested for DUI in Linn County? Call a Cedar Rapids DUI Attorney today for help

Notable Casework

January 2013- OWI Amended to Reckless Driving Attorney Dean Keegan's client was stopped for a seatbelt violation and became subject to an OWI investigation. The client was transported to jail for further testing. At the jail, Attorney Keegan's client asked for a blood test and the officer denied it. Attorney Keegan argued his client has a right to independent testing and that request was denied. The court suppressed evidence of the breathalyzer test and the OWI charge was amended to reckless driving and Attorney Keegan's client's license was rescinded.

2012 - OWI Reduced to Public Intoxication Charge Attorney Dean Keegan was able to reduce the OWI charge to a Public Intox and his client's license was rescinded.

2012 - OWI and Possession of Controlled Substance Reduced to Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Attorney Dean Keegan's client was charged with OWI and Possession of a Controlled Substance after being pulled over coming out of a rest area. Attorney Keegan argued his client was stopped without reasonable grounds, and after negotiations the client's charges were dismissed and reduced to possession of drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor.

July 2012 - OWI Dismissed Attorney Dean Keegan's client was arrested for OWI and taken to the police station. During the breath test, the officer led the defendant to believe the test wouldn't be used against him in criminal proceedings. Attorney Keegan argued the officer's misleading statements rendered the defendant's consent as invalid, involuntary, and coerced. The court agreed that the officer's statements made the defendant believe a sample of breath would not be used against him in court and dismissed the charges.

July 2012 - OWI Amended to Public Intoxication After negotiations with the prosecutor, Attorney Dean Keegan was able to amend the charge of OWI to Public Intoxication based on examination of the Trial Information and the Minutes of Testimony. The revocation of the client's license was rescinded.

March 2012 - OWI Dismissed Attorney Keegan challenged the prosecution due to the State's failure to file charges in a timely manner as described by the Iowa Rules of Criminal Procedure. The charges against the client were dismissed.

March 2012 - OWI 3rd Offense Dismissed after Unwarranted Search and Seizure Attorney Keegan's client was approached by an officer after leaving his car and getting into a cab. Keegan filed a motion to suppress, arguing that the officer's actions were an unwarranted search of his client, and the stop was without reasonable grounds. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case without holding the hearing, citing the evidentiary problems raised in the defendant's motion to suppress.

September 2011 - Case Dismissed after Stop of Defendant's Vehicle Suppressed Attorney Keegan's client was stopped by a patrol officer for a malfunctioning plate light and then arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. Mr. Keegan argued that the broken light was not in itself cause to stop his client's vehicle. In addition, he provided videotape evidence from the patrol car that did not support the officer's testimony about where she was when she made her observations about the license plate light. After the stop of the vehicle was thrown out, the case was dismissed.

Cedar Rapids DUI Attorney, J. Dean Keegan
J. Dean Keegan, Attorney at Law
Linn County DUI Lawyer
425 South 2nd Street, Suite 1250
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406

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