Georgia DUI Offender Escapes from Courthouse

A judge in Clarke County State Court found Christina Lori Parks in violation of the terms of her probation relating to a Georgia DUI conviction, and ordered her to be held in the county jail. Around 5:00 pm, as Parks waited for van to transport her to the jail, she managed to slip out of her handcuffs and the restraint chair to which she had been chained. At one point she reportedly approached a man who let her use his cell phone. Her face was bruised and she told the man she was trying to get away from her boyfriend. She then convinced the man to give her a ride to a house thought to be inhabited by a former boyfriend.

Police initially checked the bar where Parks’ boyfriend worked. They then surrounded the ex-boyfriend’s house and waited until they saw Parks’ look out a window. Around 7:00 pm, they entered the house and arrested Parks on charges of escape, violating parole and obstruction of a police officer.

Last July Parks was placed on two years probation after being found guilty of driving under the influence in Athens-Clarke County Georgia. She was also ordered to enroll in a drug court program, complete community service, participate in a victim impact panel and attend GA DUI school. She has been found in violation of her parole several times over the past 6 months. Then on January 11 she was found in violation again after drinking and committing simple battery, leading a judge two days later to sentence Parks to jail during a status hearing.

The county sheriff’s department has said it will review its procedures for securing arrestees.

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