George Boedecker Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Case

George Boedecker Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Case

George Boedecker Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Case

George Boedecker, the founder of the famous Crocs shoe line has plead not-guilty after his DUI arrest earlier this year. On August 12, 2012, Boedecker was arrested in Boulder, Colorado and went on a rather unusual drunken rant that included him claiming his girlfriend had been driving and left him at the scene. That girlfriend, he later told police, was famous pop-country singer Taylor Swift, who was 2,000 miles away with her actual boyfriend at the time. George Boedecker is sober now and still claiming that he was not driving drunk at the time of his arrest.

Police claim that the wealthy Croc’s founder was heavily intoxicated, saying things like, “go f*ck yourselves in the a**” and is due back in court next month. Boedecker apparently has a long history of alcohol abuse, including starting fights in local area bars, which makes his strange rant all the less shocking.

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  1. Are you guys serious? This guy has 30 YEARS of alcohol abuse and is still drinking heavily daily. Don’t continue with these lies. You’ll only hurt him or other alcoholics in need of help.

  2. This man is a genuine alcoholic and often starts fights at local bars in Boulder. To say he doesn’t have a history of alcohol abuse is like saying the Earth is shaped like a cube.