Former New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Heed Pleads Guilty to DWI

Peter Heed, avid canoe racer and former New Hampshire AG, pleads guilty to DWI

Cheshire County attorney and former New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Heed has plead guilty to first-DWI charges. He was arrested earlier in the month after a Trooper received a report of an erratic driver on Route 9. Heed was arrested for DWI and was released on bail.

Peter Heed was President of the United States Canoe Association for four years. He served as County Attorney for Cheshire County and was the New Hampshire Attorney General from 2002-2003. Peter Heed resigned as Attorney General over alleged misconduct that took place at a state-sponsored conference on preventing sexual and domestic abuse.

Peter Heed will pay a $500 fine and his driver’s license will be suspended for nine months. Heed can petition to reinstate his driver’s license 90 days into his suspension if he successfully completes the Impaired Driver Care Management Plan within 14 days of his conviction. Heed’s sentence is standard for a first-time New Hampshire DWI offense that does not have extenuating circumstances such as a high blood alcohol level (above .16%), or an accident with serious injury, or an attempt to elude police.

Heed told Keene area news outlets, “I sincerely regret any error I may have made and I will address it in a straightforward way.”

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