Florida Men Sell 'DUI Scooter'

Two men in Clearwater Florida have come up with an idea to fill a niche market. Doug Vitello and Gary Pharr own a scooter business and have struggled with the volatility of the market. After a bit of research, they began advertising ‘DUI Scooters’ to those convicted of driving under the influence in Florida.

After a Florida DUI, defendants typically have their license suspended. Because the DUI Scooter is electric and has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, it is legal to operate without a valid driver’s license. The X-treme scooter, manufactured in China and distributed in California, looks like a typical two wheel scooter with headlights, turn signals and pedals for manual operation. It costs between $1200-2000, and the scooter shop is selling about 10 per month. The shop even includes a copy of the DUI law to provide officers during a traffic stop.

Customers who have purchased the special scooters are pleased to have the mobility to ride to work and the store. Law enforcement officials are not quite so enthused, and are looking into ways to approach electric scooter use by FL DUI offenders.

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  1. mike clemente says

    Just got a second DUI and thinking about a scooter. What the law was when yu have a no lisence what is required,

  2. Kert Diggler says

    The law was when you what have motorcycle license yes what is required.

  3. Dirt Kiggler says

    English Kert.. Do you speak it?

  4. What I’m reading in 2020 is you have to have a florida drivers license to ride an electric scooter no matter how fast it can go. You can only ride an electric bicycle without a license in Florida.