Eric Carmen Arrested for Ohio DUI

Eric Carmen DUILast Tuesday pop singer Eric Carmen was charged with driving under the influence in Orange, Ohio, east of Cleveland.

According to the arrest report, Carmen ran his vehicle into a fire hydrant. He then offered the investigating officer his credit card rather than his driver’s license. Police found a half bottle of Gray Goose vodka in the vehicle. Carmen registered a blood alcohol content of .23%, nearly three times the legal limit for intoxication in Ohio. He was released on a personal bond and is sheduled to be arraigned September 16. It is Carmen’s second drunk driving offense.

Carmen, 59, started his career in the 70’s with the Raspberries, recording hits like ‘Go All The Way’ and ‘Overnight Sensations’. He went on to a solo career and was the musical talent behind such hits as ‘Hungry Eyes’ and ‘All By Myself’.

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  1. bonnie natdello says

    I don t care Eric. Back in 1976 I was 18. Had a major crush
    on you!??

  2. gary cook says

    We as ll make mistakes

  3. I never saw you but Moma’s baby sister loved you I was too young then to care about Boy’s.. today I too am a musician in a different kind as I’m a Count / Outlaw singer & song writer! Anyway years of ago while off tour I remembered one of your songs that she played a lot and I loved while looking for something great from the past to include on my last album with RCA Nashville so she grabbed a cd of yours as she was setting it up for a certain song I couldn’t believe that you are drop down gorgeous! The total package, now so many from Nashville are joining together with rock single stars and bands also so dude if you ever get this .. long shot that you will but “ Can’t blame a girl for trying! Look me up at I’d be thrilled to work with you, peace..