Comedian Killed in DWI Crash

Comedian Killed in DWI Crash

The Durham Herald Sun reported that Brian Edward Kiley, a Tennessee stand-up comedian, was killed in a DWI car crash on Sunday. It was stated that Kiley, 38 years old, was driving east on I-40 about 3:40 a.m. and was just past the N.C. 54 interchange when Raul Herrera, who also was driving east, swerved and hit Kiley’s Nissan Maxima. The impact caused both vehicles to go off the road and overturn.

Durham police officials stated that Herrera, 31 years old, received a couple of minor injuries and was sent to the hospital. He was charged with a DWI. Kiley was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Durham police department closed the accident section and detoured traffic in order to finish investigation procedures. A tow truck was called to remove Kiley’s heavily damaged black four-door car from the interstate. Police reported that both vehicles were total losses.

Kiley had just finished performing at the Newton-Conover Auditorium with Jon Reep, who is a comedian best known for his role in the Dodge commercial asking  “That thing got a hemi?” J.J. Brent, a close friend of Kiley, told sources that Kiley had  just married the love of his life a few short months ago and that he took parenting with great love in his heart. In addition, Brent mentioned that Kiley was a very spiritual individual, always involved with his church, and with high values. His familiy is deeply grieving his death.

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  1. Thanks for including this story on your site. Brian was a non drinker. He didn’t drink socially or on any special occasions. He had a new focus on life to get fit in order to be able to live a long life with his bride of only four months. This world has been robbed of a true saint. We are all broken hearted and this couldn’t have happened to a better human being.