Arizona Labor Day Brings In Almost 400 DUI Arrest

Arizona Police kept busy this past Labor Day weekend with a reported 382 DUI arrests made throughout the state. About one third of the arrests involved extreme DUI, which is having a Blood Alcohol Content(BAC) level of .15% or higher. The legal limit in most states is .08%. 40 of the arrests were classified as aggravated DUI while approximately two dozen of those arrested had prior DUI arrests. According to the Governors Office of Highway Safety, those numbers are all down from last year’s Labor Day when authorities arrested 617 people.

The Labor Day crackdown on DUI by law enforcement is actually part of a larger effort led and funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. All over the country, police departments have put forth an extra effort through DUI checkpoints, anti-drinking campaigns as well as countless overtime hours to prevent drunk driving.

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