Arizona Judge Arrested For Extreme DUI

Arizona Judge Joseph James Lodge Jr. Arrested For Extreme DUI

joseph lodgeArizona Judge Joseph James Lodge Jr. was arrested for extreme DUI on December 9, 2012 in Coconino County. According to Police, someone had called in after witnessing a man sitting in a parked vehicle who looked either confused or intoxicated. Shortly after, an officer spotted the same vehicle driving south on North Fort Valley Rd and began to follow it. The officer witnessed the vehicle, Lodge’s silver 4Runner, weaving and swirving across a double yellow line toward oncoming traffic and pulled him over. When the officer questioned Lodge, he said that the judge seemed “confused and under the influence of an intoxicant“. After asking the Arizona Judge for his license and registration, the officer said that Lodge pulled a nearly empty bottle of 375ml bottle of vodka from the center console. Lodge had allegedly told the officer that he had taken three prescription painkillers before consuming 3 beers.

Lodge also had trouble getting out of his car and had to be held up by the officer, who noticed that the Arizona judge wasn’t wearing any shoes. The arrest happened around 9:30 am and Lodge admitted to having a substantial amount of alcohol that morning. In the interest of his safety, the officer did not request that Lodge complete any field sobriety tests before arresting him. Lodge handed the officer his business card and identified himself as a superior court judge. The officer then contacted his supervisor and informed him of who he had stopped before placing the judge under arrest. When the officer had initially questioned Lodge, the judge said that he was OK, but having marriage problems. Lodge was transported to the Coconino County Detention Facility where he blew a .229% breathalyzer test, nearly 3 times the legal limit of .08%. A spokesperson for the Coconino County Board of Supervisor’s said in a statement, “This is a difficult time for Judge Lodge and his family and it is requested that his privacy be respected in this matter“. Superior Court Presiding Judge Mark Moran said that Lodge is not currently on the bench and that a replacement judge has stepped in for him.

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  1. Tim Linnins says

    Funny how they forget the Joe served in the Army as a JAG officer with the 82nd Airborne (jump qualified with over 40 jumps),a federal prosecutor who handled hundreds of serious and high profile cases, a college football playe and high school football coach,and a helluva good guy. He’s done so much more good than bad. I’m so glad that none of your other readers have never driven when they had too much to drink. I guess people like to see the great ones fall. Sickening.

  2. this will be a perfect of bias in the law he has been sending people to prison for the same crime he cummits