Arizona Driver Had BAC of .33%

A man from Prescott Valley was found passed out behind the wheel of his SUV last Thursday. Around 3:25 in the afternoon, police responded to reports of an unresponsive driver in a vehicle with the engine revving. Officers said that Lloyd Kennie had his foot on the accelerator and one hand on the gear shift and another on the steering wheel. The vehicle was in a school bus stop and a bus had to drop off students at an alternate location. An open bottle of alcohol was found in the back seat of the SUV.

Kennie, 41, registered a blood alcohol content of .335%, more than four times the legal limit for intoxication in Arizona. A BAC in excess of .15% is considered extreme DUI and above .20% super extreme DUI. He is facing charges of aggravated driving under the influence in Arizona, extreme DUI, super extreme DUI, driving with a suspended license and for having an open container.

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