Yet Another Lawn Mower DUI Arrest

55-year old John Poshepny of Kenwood was arrested for California DUI around 7:50 pm Saturday night. California Highway patrol officers stopped Poshepny after he left the parking lot of a local market and drove down the road. The mower was not equipped with lights.

Poshepny had a bottle in a brown paper bag and his breath smelled of alcohol. He also staggered and had slurred speech. He was booked on misdemeanor driving under the influence in California at the Sonoma County Jail and released. Poshepny has no prior CA DUI arrests and he had a driver’s license. While he only lives two blocks from the market, he said that he occasionally uses the mower to get groceries.

All motorized vehicles and bicycles on public roadways are subject to California DUI laws, and the operators must have a valid driver’s license and registration.

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