Wyoming Phone Program Fights Drink Driving

Law enforcement agencies and local officials in Wyoming are observing the twenty-fifth year of the REDDI program, designed to reduce drunk driving and alcohol related fatalities. Initiated by the Wyoming State Patrol, ‘Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately’ asks people to contact police about suspicious driving.

Since its inception, 173,400 calls have been received which has lead to 15,700 Wyoming DUI arrests. State patrol commander Col. Sam D. Powell says, “If we’ve arrested this many offenders on the highway, undoubtedly lives have been saved.” Phone calls to local police and the state patrol are radioed to officers on patrol. The public is asked to provide as much information as possible, including license plate number and description of the suspicious vehicle. If the vehicle is located by police, the driver’s behavior is monitored for probable cause for a traffic stop.

Currently the REDDI program generates about 600 to 700 calls a month and 50 to 60 drunk drivers are arrested.

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