WWE Star Jimmy Uso Charged With DUI

WWE Star Jimmy Uso Charged With DUI

jimmy usoJimmy Uso, a wrestler with WWE, was arrested and charged with DUI on March 13, 2013 in Hillsborough County, Florida. Uso, whose real name is Jonathan Solofa Fatu, was arrested around 12:30 pm and released a few hours later on a $500 cash bond. Currently, it is unclear what Uso’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level was at the time of the incident or if he performed any field sobriety tests before his arrest. This is the second time that Jimmy Uso has been arrested for DUI, with the first being in September of 2011. Uso was arrested for that first DUI after an officer saw Uso driving down the wrong side of a street at 3 in the morning.

The WWE has been known to step in and penalize some of their wrestlers for incidents occurring outside of the ring, however, they have only usually done so when a wrestler has been involved in DUI pertaining to possession of drugs since the company mandates drug testing. Uso could be safe from any action on behalf of the WWE at the moment since “WrestleMania” is just on the horizon. Another wrestler, Jack Swagger, was charged with DUI and drug possession on February 19, 2013. After Swagger’s arrest, the WWE commented saying, “Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions“.

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