Woman Requests $300,000 in DWI Chase

Woman Requests $300,000 in DWI Chase

KXAN reported that a North Carolina “woman, who was being chased by police, called 911 and told dispatchers to pay her $300,000 or she would not pull over.” Jennifer Herring, the woman being chased, demanded that officers pay her $300,000 immediately for “declaring a false sense of emergency.” Police personnel were able to release Herring’s phone call, where the 911 dispatcher tells her to please pull over, and she replies by saying: “No! I’m not pulling over, because pulling over is voluntary. Why am I going to pull over for you? I’m not doing nothing wrong. You told me there is no emergency. If there is not an emergency, it’s $300,000. Are you ready to pay the $300,000?”

Although the 911 dispatcher tried to reason with her by saying, “Ma’am, I am not the officer,” Herring kept requesting the $300,000. Herring was strongly suspected for driving drunk. Eventually, she was forced to pull over when she reached a dead end street. Herring is facing several charges for DWI, fleeing from legal officers, and driving with an expired license.

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