Woman Racks Up 2 North Carolina DWI Arrests in 2 Hours

A Gastonia woman was charged with driving while intoxicated in North Carolina twice in two hours. Kelly Michelle Ray was stopped around 2:41 am on Sunday for having a burned out bulb over her license plate. The officer conducting the traffic stop suspected Ray was impaired and a breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of .15%. The legal limit for driving while impaired in NC is .08%.

Ray was released on bond for the first DWI arrest. She was picked up by her boyfriend but was taken directly to her 2002 Chevrolet and she proceeded to drive away.

At 4:45 am another Gastonia officer stopped Ray for crossing the center line of a two lane road. A breath test registered a BAC of .10%. With the second arrest, a magistrate ordered Ray be jailed on $5000 bond and held until sober.

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