Woman Earns Alcohol Monitoring Device for Party Photos on Facebook

A judge has ordered a woman accused of driving under the influence in Illinois to be outfitted with an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet following the posting of party photos on a Facebook profile.

Erika Scoliere is waiting trial for aggravated Illinois DUI and reckless homicide for a July 2007 accident that killed a motorcyclist. As a condition of bail, she was required to not consume alcohol or be around those who are drinking. Police investigators, however, found photos of Scoliere drinking with friends posted on the social networking site. One was captioned, “Erika passed out in my bed. Ha Ha.”

The Assistant State’s Attorney told the judge that Scoliere also violated terms of bail by not contacting county court services by phone while at school. Scoliere attends college in Ohio. Despite protests raised by her DUI defense attorney of the social shame brought by the ankle bracelet, the Kane County judge said that Scoliere had “earned the privilege of wearing the SCRAM bracelet.” The bracelet detects alcohol through the wearer

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