Woman DUI in Florida Hits Scooter and Flees Scene

A 20-year old Florida man is in fair condition after a woman crashed into him Friday night and fled. Bruce Barber is being treated for a broken leg and possible broken ribs. He was struck around 11:30 pm by a 1997 BMW driven by Jessica J. Eddy. St. Petersburg police have not indicated how they tracked the vehicle, but when they arrived at Eddy’s home they found the scooter still stuck to the front of the car.

Eddy, 22, was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida, DUI with injury, leaving the scene of an accident and for driving with a suspended driver’s license. She was convicted for DUI in California in 2009 and is facing charges for an August drunk driving arrest in St. Petersburg. Her license was suspended after she refused to submit to a breath test during the August arrest.

Eddy was booked at the Pinellas County Jail and her bail as set at $23,000. She is scheduled to be in court Monday, October 4.

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