Driver Crashes Into Dry Cleaner and Gets DUI

Woman Crashes Into Dry Cleaner and Gets DUI

CBS Local informed viewers that a woman in San Fernando Valley, California was arrested for DUI and crashing her car into a local dry cleaning store. According to the Los Angeles police report, the accident happened around 1 a.m. when the woman was driving near Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Investigators belief that the woman, who remains unidentified, was speeding while heading westbound on Ventura Boulevard when she lost control of the vehicle or fell asleep at the wheel and crashed.

Furthermore, a witness commented, “She buzzed around me through oncoming traffic, swerved back in, straddling both lanes.” It was stated that the firefighters who attended the accident scene could smell the odor of alcohol on the woman. It was noted that although no major injuries were reported, the drunk driver did receive some minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for medical attention. No further information regarding her arrest or the accident has been released.

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