Woman Charged with Super Extreme Arizona DUI

Police in Prescott Arizona arrested a woman August 1 on charges of Super Extreme DUI. That level of offense is levied when the suspect has a blood alcohol content in excess of .20%.

Police were alerted to an erratic driver around 3:40 Sunday afternoon on State Route 89. Responding officers found that 54-year old Dana Lynn Anderson had driven about 50 feet off the highway and collided with a traffic sign. Her silver Mazda suffered extensive front end damage and three of the four support legs for the sign had been unearthed. Anderson failed a series of field sobriety and seemed dazed and confused. She was taken to the Prescott Police Department, where breath tests showed she had a BAC of .226% and .235%, about three times the legal limit for intoxication. Anderson was then processed for DUI in Arizona at the Yavapai County Jail.

Under Arizona DUI law, driving under the influence or DUI is charged when the motorist has BAC of .08% or higher, Extreme DUI with a BAC greater than .15% and Super Extreme DUI with a BAC above .20%. Anderson was charged with all three, as well as felony endangerment and felony criminal damage.

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