Woman Benefits from New Nevada DUI Law

Lisa Beth Thomas of South Lake Tahoe recently pleaded guilty to Nevada DUI. As it was her third drunk driving conviction she would have been sentenced to a minimum of one year in prison. Due to a new law passed in July, however, Thomas was given the option of seeking help with her alcohol dependence instead of being incarcerated.

Under the new legislation Thomas, 45, had her sentence deferred for five years while she demonstrates compliance with conditions for her probation. She agreed to enter substance abuse treatment for five years and six months of house arrest. She is also subject to random searches for drugs and alcohol and she must install an ignition interlock device in all vehicles she operates. Thomas is responsible for paying for the probation conditions and any violation could land her in prison.

The law allows prosecutors to question a defendant’s entrance to the special program. In Thomas’ case the district attorney’s office agreed to the treatment. Thomas has said she is grateful for the opportunity.

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