Wisconsin Man Arrested for DUI had BAC Ten Times the Legal Limit

Wisconsin Man Arrested for DUI has BAC Ten Times the Legal Limit

A man arrested for his sixth offense of drunk driving reportedly had a BAC that was ten times the legal limit. Julio Garrdio, 61, of Madison, was traveling northbound in southbound lane around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday. Nearby, police officers were conducting traffic enforcement and watched as his vehicle suddenly stopped without any apparent reason to do so. Officers approached Garrdio and arrested him for his sixth OWI/DUI offense. His blood alcohol content was .20%.

A motorist with five OWI convictions in Wisconsin cannot legally drive if their BAC is over 0.02%. This is why Garrdio’s BAC was technically ten times the legal limit, even though the state law mandates that the legal limit is 0.08%. Wisconsin police say that Garrido may also be charged with failure to install an ignition interlock device and with third offense driving after license revocation.

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