West Virginia Runs Daytime Sobriety Checkpoints

Typically DUI checkpoints are set up during the late evening and operate until the very early morning hours. The Charleston, West Virginia Police Department however has found a noticeable number of drunk drivers and traffic violators at DUI checkpoints run earlier in the day.

The ‘Happy Hour Checkpoints’ start between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. The latest effort resulted in 3 DUI arrests, citations for over 30 traffic violations and the apprehension of one fugitive from justice.

Local residents are pleased with the late afternoon crackdown, citing the increased presence of children, people running errands and those commuting home from work. Others think that chronic drunk drivers will not be deterred by the DUI checkpoints, as they are interested in consuming alcohol at any cost.

Sgt. Shawn Williams of the Charleston Police Department said, "From a law enforcement perspective, it’s actually disturbing, you know, that people are out driving impaired this early in the day."

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