Warren Moon Arrested for Drunk Driving in Washington

Warren MoonIt was recently disclosed that Warren Moon was arrested and charged with a DUI in <a href="Washington following a December 28th traffic stop. He was seen swerving on the Highway 520 Bridge around 2:00 am and his vehicle had expired license plates. After Medina police officers detected alcohol, Moon refused to submit to field sobriety tests. He was taken to a Kirkland police station, booked for Driving Under the Influence and released.

This is the second time that the former quarterback has been charged with drinking and driving in Washington. In April 2007 he was charged with suspicion of DUI though his blood alcohol content tested below the legal limit of .08%. He pled guilty in August to negligent driving and was placed on probation, fined and required to perform community service and attend alcohol education classes.

The 51-year old starred at the University of Washington in the 1970

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