Walmart Heiress Requests DWI Be Expunged

Walmart Heiress Requests DWI Be Expunged

alice waltonAlice Walton, the heiress to Walmart, has requested to have her 2011 DWI arrest expunged from her records. Charges against Walton were dropped after the two-year statute of limitations expired on Oct 7, 2013 and prosecutors say her request will most likely be granted. According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, prosecutors in Texas didn’t pursue the DWI charge in Walton’s case because the arresting trooper was unable to testify. The Texas DPS has since stated that the arresting trooper has been suspended pending the results of an investigation into misconduct.

The Walmart heiress was arrested on October 7, 2011 after a trooper pulled her over for speeding near Weatherford, Texas. When the trooper approached Walton in her car, he detected an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and noticed that she displayed several signs of alcohol intoxication. According to the police report, the trooper claims that Walton refused a breathalyzer test and could not sufficiently perform any of the tasks during a field sobriety test. When asked to perform one of the tests, Walton allegedly told the trooper “I can’t do that at any time, I’m not balanced“. However, prosecutors did obtain 2 letters from separate physicians saying that Walton cannot walk normally or balance as a result of her involvement in a severe car crash in 1983. With the original charges against Walton dropped, it is likely her request will be granted.

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