Wal-Mart Billionaire Will Not Be Prosecuted for DWI

Wal-Mart Billionaire Will Not Be Prosecuted for DWI

Forth Worth Star Telegram reported that Alice Walton, who is the Wal-Mart inheritor of about $24 billion and the 14th richest person in the world, will not be prosecuted for her 2011 DWI case. Apparently the legal officer, Jeffery Davis, that had arrested Walton for DWI was suspended from his job and therefore cannot testify against her. 

It was stated that Walton’s arrest happened on  October 7, 2011 on Interstate 20 at Farm Road 51 in Texas. Officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety commented that she was arrested when she failed a field sobriety test. John Forrest, Parker County lawyer, stated that Walton’s case was classified as a B misdemeanor and had a two-year statute of limitations, which had an expiration date set to October 7. However, since Davis will still be on suspension when the expiration date is reached, the case will be dropped.

Forrest stated, “We’re not proceeding because a witness in this case, a DPS trooper, is unavailable to testify.” Another DPS officer in Austin said that Davis is suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation involving allegations of misconduct. They also told sources that if they happen to find any other witnesses, they will proceed with Walton’s DWI case. Walton’s lawyer, Dee Kelly Sr., stated,  “Ms. Walton is pleased that the matter has been completely and correctly resolved without charges being filed.” .

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