Volunteer 'Designated Drivers' Try to Reduce DUI in Colorado

Driving under the influence in Colorado leads to over 30,000 arrests each year in Colorado. When a men’s health magazine ranked Colorado Springs as the third drunkest city in the country, a local group of volunteers decided to create a ‘Designated Driver’ program.

If someone feels they have had too much to drink, they can call the service and volunteers will get the customer and the customer’s vehicle home safely. A spokesperson for ‘Designated Driver’ said while taxis offer a great service and help reduce Colorado DUI incidents, many who need a ride home after drinking are concerned about getting their vehicles home too. Customers of ‘Designated Driver’ frequently express their appreciation for the extra service.

Started in Pueblo, Colorado and then expanded into Colorado Springs, ‘Designated Driver’ relies on donations and sponsorships from local
businesses to maintain operations.

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