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The State of Virginia will seek to suspend your driver's license following an arrest for a DUI in Virginia.

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Arrested for DWI

If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Virginia Beach, Virginia, get immediate help from qualified Virginia DUI defense lawyer Michael Tillotson.

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Following an arrest for DUI in Virginia Beach it is important to realize that time is very critical. Your driver’s license was probably seized by the arresting officer and the state is already working to suspend your driving privileges for up to a year for first offense VA DUI.

The penalties for being convicted of drunk driving in Virginia Beach can include jail, attendance at alcohol awareness classes, probation meetings, community service, fines, fees and a restriction from consuming any alcohol.

The Law Offices of Michael Tillotson will provide the legal representation, experience and knowledge of Virginia DUI law you need to aggressively fight the charges filed against you. The law firm has a proven track record in representing those accused of drunk driving in Virginia.

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