Virginia Starts New Fee for Major Traffic Offenses

Starting on the first of July, ‘civil remedial fees’ will take effect in the state of Virginia. The measure adds an extra fee to certain traffic offenses, including $2,200 for a Virginia DUI and $3,000 for a felony conviction.

State legislators want the penalty to deter bad driving, though the bill is also openly acknowledged as a source of revenue. More than 65 million dollars is expected to be generated through offenses like reckless driving, running a red light, failing to yield, speeding and drunk driving. Money collected from the fees will help pay for state transportation needs.

Those charged with violating traffic laws that are subject to the new fine can pay their fee over three years. Failure to pay will result in the suspension of driver’s license. The fines apply only to residents of Virginia.

For a complete list of offenses and fees, log onto the following site:

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