Two People Get Killed By Drunk Driver

Two People Get Killed By Drunk Driver

The Los Angeles Times reported that two people were killed by a drunk driver on Los Angeles’ 110 Freeway. The news story stated that the crash occurred on Sunday when a 2011 Nissan Sentra hit a tree and a chain-link fence. The driver of the vehicle, a 22 year old, was imprisoned for suspicion of DUI. According to Brian Humphrey, a speaker for the Los Angeles Fire Department, firefighters responding to the crash used hydraulic prying tools to rescue one or more of the victims from the car, which was badly damaged.

Two of the passengers, Blanca Belman Almanza, 23, and Ana Cuadra, 22, died at the accident scene. However, the driver and three other passengers were taken to the hospital for medical attention. It was reported that all of the northbound lanes on the expressway were closed for more than 3 hours due to the accident. The drunk driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No further information regarding her legal case was released, however, it is most likely that she will soon be summoned for a court hearing and be charged with other charges related to drunk driving.

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  1. DUI Lawyer says

    When a DUI leads to death, I am truly shaken. This 22-year old made a bad decision and now two lives are lost. I hope the families are able to recover from what has happened.

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