Two Officers Arrested for DUI in Utah

In a span of two days one Odgen Police Department officers were officially charged with suspicion of driving under the influence in Utah and a second officer was cited for suspicion of drunk driving.

On early Sunday morning June 28, Ogden police detective Robert Tracey Buck was stopped for speeding and erratic driving. A breath test revealed a BAC of .122%. The detective was issued a citation for drunk driving in Utah, though formal charges still may be filed. He was released to the custody of his brother.

On June 30, Officer Jared Tongsaeng Ingalsbe was involved in a single vehicle accident in the suburb of Harrisville that sheared off a power pole and damaged several trees. Ingalsbe was transported to a hospital with injuries where he consented to a blood draw. Preliminary testing reflected a blood alcohol content right at or slightly above the legal limit of .08% at the time of the accident. A prescription depressant was also detected. The drug would have contributed to impairment and created the equivalent of having a BAC of .16% or twice the legal limit. Ingalsbe was formally charged with Class B misdemeanor DUI in Utah. The case has been transferred to a prosecutor in another municipality because the city attorney of Harrisville is also the city attorney of Ogden.

The Ogden police department would not comment on the two cases. If convicted of Utah DUI, the officers face a two year suspension of their law enforcement certification, along with fines, loss of driver’s license and possible jail time.

Have you been arrested in UT for DUI?

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