Two Off-Duty Seattle Cops Arrested for DUI

Two off-duty Seattle police officers were arrested for DUI in the early morning hours of Monday, December 17. A witness reported a vehicle crashing into a light pole and then watched as a woman driver switched seat’s with her male passenger. They drove off and police located them several blocks away with the engine still running.

The police report reveals a confusing situation where each off-duty officer changes their story about who was driving and how much they had had to drink. The report alleges that both of the off-duty officers, whose names have been blacked-out in the released report, had a strong odor of alcohol on their breath.

Both of the arrested officers submitted to breath tests. The female officer had a BAC of .247 and the male officer had a BAC of .161. The official police report reveals a distraught and belligerent female officer who repeatedly curses at the arresting officers. The male officer is described as a veteran special operations officer and the female as a veteran patrol officer. The arresting officer, Chet D. Decker, had to repeatedly remind the female officer that audio and video recording was being made in the BAC testing room, as she kept cursing at him and acting aggressively. She accused him of trying to pad his stats, and said that he was not respecting a “fellow cop”. Chet Decker responded saying he felt “horrible” for arresting her but that he was doing his job, and even said he wished that he hadn’t come to work that night. The report seems to show that Officer Decker tried to prevent the female officer from continuing to jeopardize herself. His report ends with, “It appeared to me that —- was extremely intoxicated and was unable to control her actions.”

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